• Imagine if every person or resource
      had interconnecting digital identities.
      Every transaction would be simplified
      and build trust for the next transaction.
      Think of the value that could be unlocked.
    • Whether it’s a meeting room,
      a projector or a coding class;
      publish, discover and book resources,
      simply and securely with Integrity.
    • Distributed trust
      for the access economy.

    Get your own +Integrity domain and setup your booking service.

    Booking +Integrity.

    Do you manage an office, a co-working, a co-living or a community?

    Booking +Integrity is designed to help you publish and make it easy to discover and book all your resources simply and securely.
    Publish your rooms or any type of resources in your service place. Invite your community to access and book your resources with your chosen terms of services via a web link or a QR code and the Integrity App. Add resources, change access rights and revoke permissions at anytime. Everyone gets updated.

    Booking is the first in a suite of services that we are developing.

    So we are making it free, to learn how to make Integrity better.


    Set-up your service domain.


    Connect your Google calendar (Office 365 coming soon).


    List your bookable resources.


    Define access permissions to user groups, such as clients or guests.


    Broadcast your resource publicly or make it invite-only.

    Our application is available!

    Do your customers have resources to share?

    Perhaps you have a customer with a 3D printer, camera or a spare room that’s available for hire. You can add their resource to your service place. It could also be a coding class if you prefer. The options are limitless.

    Trust +Integrity

    Today, we rely on centralised service providers to verify the identity, the reputation and the value of resources and people.
    Yet we have to provide and verify the very same information again and again, often in analog fashion such as our passport or our driver's licence. Integrity stops the repetition, by creating a secure digital identity that represents these analogue identity items. You now hold these items in your hand inside the secure Integrity App. And you can privately track receipts and signatures.

    Integrity is designed to enable distributed trust for the access economy and unlock the economic potential of resources, services and human capital with digital signatures and a network of certifications.

    It helps people create, publish, discover and book resources across professional networks and personal communities.
    Integrity is essentially made of three independent parts: the Integrity App; the Integrity Service Place, the Integrity Platform.

    Integrity App.

    The Integrity App is a secure digital passport that belongs to the user and is independent from the service place they access. Anyone can use their passport anywhere operating with Integrity. Use it to:

    • Secure access to services built with Integrity.
    • Protect credentials, notifications and certifications.
    • Execute transactions and sign agreements.
    • Keep track of keys, transactions and receipts.

    Integrity Platform.

    The Integrity Platform enables multiple parties to interact without a central authority. Integrity provides a decentralised platform where trust is distributed to the system endpoints. The core components will be open-source and open standard, which means that any party may audit the software and build their trust into the system.

    If you want to go into details, here is our white paper.

    Integrity Service place

    It’s easy to create your secure Integrity Service Place where you can list resources, define access permissions, share and engage your professional network or personal community with Integrity. You can offer web services from our portfolio. Our first web service is Booking +Integrity. We can host a service place for you to start. Integrity is your partner to build trust.

    About us

    Integrity is designed by Brickchain Ltd, with a passionate team working between London, Paris and Stockholm.

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