Your passport to an internet where privacy matters

Interact with services committed to your privacy. Be in control of your data

Your data is a key to unlock a new web

We provide you with a passport that contains your digital identity. Using the Integrity app, your identity becomes a key to interact with the services built on our growing platform.

Digital identity

If your digital identity is a key, attributes such as name, date of birth, but also online activity such as transactions or media consumption history, are the cuts of this key. Keep them in your digital passport, decide what you share with online services, revoke this consent when necessary: your passport is your privacy hub.

Secured interactions

Interact with services that use Integrity’s decentralized infrastructure to protect your identity and your privacy: when you share data in the Integrity ecosystem, only you and the service you are interacting with can see the transaction.

Trusted ecosystem

Within Integrity, organizations and individuals form a chain of trust: organizations can certify the authenticity of user data, whereas individuals are in control of how and when their personal data is accessed. Mutual trust enables new services and interactions based on privacy and transparency.

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Share access to your smart devices

Connect your home with Integrity. Use the application to choose who you trust to get access to devices in your home.
Share access to your smart devices through easy-to-use user management, instead of giving away your passwords to people! Share and control access to your home for deliveries, cleaning services, home swapping… Integrity offers you trust and control

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Control a coworking space through Integrity

Imagine an office or a coworking space where you work part-time. You come in and out, for long and short periods… and so do other workers, contractors, freelancers… You need to get authorizations, access cards, passwords updated each time, to access meeting rooms, printers, etc. Integrity offers a single passport to easily manage all interactions between people and resources, both online and offline, through integration with calendars, messaging tools as slacks, easy implementation of offline resources (printed QR codes posted on a door to book the room…), etc. Stop wasting time asking for access. Instead, use it to meet your coworkers.

Get your data attributes within the Integrity passport

Did you ever wonder what kind of information social platforms store about you? Many of them already offer the opportunity to download it. Integrity offers you the possibility to certify the source of your data. Now, imagine if you could prove to an artist how much time you spent listening to her music across platforms in the past year. Or get your identity certified physically by a bank or a government, and carry this certification to other organizations without sharing any personal information. Integrity allows you to claim who you are, while it keeps your information secret and secure. Coming soon.