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Integrity is an open decentralized platform.
Brands and businesses build services relying on a secure data layer, enabling new opportunities, better control and privacy for users.

Integrity is powered by Brickchain

Create business opportunities with Integrity

When users can arbitrate how much data they want to disclose in fair contracts, new opportunities for business arise.

Privacy by design

We believe privacy is an asset and not a threat. Integrity is a GDPR-compliant framework, in which users can consent to share data, and also take back this consent. The Integrity data model creates new opportunities for users and for businesses, with clear contract and accountability.

An open ecosystem for trust

Integrity makes use of certificate chains that enables users and businesses to trust each other. Data signed by a certificate authority can be trusted anywhere. Services provided by certified partners can be trusted throughout our ecosystem. Trust makes transactions and digital identity secure and scalable.

New opportunities for users and businesses

When deciding to share certified data, users can unlock tailor-made opportunities: proof of age can unlock access to adult content, payment data to loan offers, membership can unlock physical doors. In return, users can simply access these services through the Integrity app.

Create your own realm

Get a domain name on and start offering your own services! Use Integrity to authenticate your users, manage their roles through the Integrity administration interface, and let them access resources and services.Build your own functionalities or use our trusted services to manage your users in minutes!

Create your own realm

Our services

Create and start operating a domain in seconds. Combine simple services to create new opportunities. Here are some of the services you can already use on Integrity


Integrity Connect

Use Integrity as a login to any service or website. Let your users get access to your systems using their Integrity passport, and define the right level of consent for the use of this data in a GDPR compliant framework. Define what your customers can access and under which conditions. Connect with Integrity is currently based on the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect technology. See our implementation tutorial


Book with Integrity

Resource management made easier. Connect Integrity with your calendar and manage permissions for each group of customers. They book directly with your calendar. You can print QR codes and post them in front of rooms to allow users to book them. Integrity is a bridge between online and offline!


Messaging tools with Integrity

Want to control who can join the conversation? A simple plugin to invite people to your Slack channels is available. We’re also working on messaging tools to enable local conversations, for people in the same venues, or the same coworking space; that’s how social without central authority works!


Certification within Integrity

Within the Integrity Ecosystem, services are certified through chains of trust. You can use a certification authority to get a certification on your realm or your services in order to increase your trust througout our ecosystem.


Access and control smart devices with Integrity

Connect Integrity with the Home Assistant platform to share access to IoT devices.


Join us to create new services!

Are you a developer? Are you a business? Get started and join our developer community.