Make your smart home smarter!

You’ve connected your lights, your thermostat, even your coffee machine to your Google home. Every gadget, camera and smart thing in your house can be reached from one easy overview panel, you are truly the king of your castle. And therein lies the rub. Your tween kids need access to some features, such as turning off the alarm when they get home from school, but you’re not ready to let them have full control of the house yet, try as they might. Then your brother comes to visit from out of town, and nobody is home to let him in. If only there was a way to give him temporary access to select smart items in your home, like your lock, alarm, lights and so on. But if you give him access to your Google smart home panel you give him access to everything.

You trust your brother, like a brother, but what if it’s someone else that you need to allow in? Your dog walker needs to open the door. Your food delivery service wants to drop that box in a cool house, instead of on a really hot porch. Why rely on luddite style lockboxes and pins stored in web services insecure centralized databases, when you can create and control who can access what, and when, in your house just by adding Integrity, a decentralized platform designed with secure access in mind. A system where you are in control, instead of a service provider.

So what is Integrity? Let’s look at it as if it’s your digital lockbox in this case. You have decided to lock your homes smart devices with Integrity, and you can narrow down which devices can be accessed by people other than you - and even when. You do this by creating an Integrity realm.

An Integrity realm is your little digital kingdom, where all of your Google home devices can be made available to anyone with the Integrity app that you grant access to.

You begin simply by downloading the app yourself. Once you have the app installed on your phone, you create your own realm by adding your email. Then you name your realm. Your home and its smart devices can be named “kingdom” if your majesty wishes. You will also have the opportunity to choose a domain name. This will be a subdomain on where people can see what services you offer. You can name it your own name, your business name or whatever you like.

Once you have done this, your can see your realm listed in the Integrity app immediately. Now you need to add the Home service to your realm. Tap the Home service to add which resources you want to share here, it could be anything from your smart lock to your wireless speakers. Once this is done you can choose who has the ability to use it, and you can add roles as you need them. You can be the Admin, your brother can have the role “prince” if you like with access to locks, alarms and other things a responsible adult may need. Your teenage kids can have the role “minions” if you like, with access only to shutting off the alarm when they get home from school and turning on the TV after they’ve done their homework. You can grant temporary access to people who have come to service your house, allowing the people into areas for meter reading or cable installation.